Ive been involved in a few film and TV projects in the past year, here is a link to my IMBD:


If you are interested in booking me for acting of video work please get in touch for some more information.

Below is a small collection of some commercial, music and art videos, as well as backstage footage.

Videos that I star in have a combined total of over 10 million views on YouTube.

New Art Video Shot in Crete by Vincent Rustuel

International Film and TV:


Game of Thrones Featured Part

Beyond Sleep Part

Music Videos:


Mr Belt and Wezol Music Video leading part – 1 million YouTube views

Stadium X Music Video leading part – 1 million views


Leading part Christian Burns music video – 1.4 million YouTube views



Commerical for AEZ wheels





Backstage videos from photo shoots:


Backstage video from Playboy shoot with Ana Diaz


Backstage video from commercial shoot for tshirt lookbook


Back stage video from editorial shooting with Stefano Brunesci – 2.5 million YouTube views


Backstage video from commercial photo shoot for wedding supplier