5 Replies to “Editorial”

  1. 1coolworld says:

    Beautiful lady. Erotic yet elogent. Perfect figure with a nice bush appetizer.

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  2. harveyproctor says:

    Back in the day when I was busy with this kind of thing I always knew that very photogenic people have a talent for distorting the space they are in so as to create an illusion of depth on a two dimensional surface.
    Models who exude vitality seem to push out of the page in a way that duller and less enthusiastic people cannot do. It is not for nothing that the best models and actresses are way more intelligent and alert looking than average.
    When I saw pictures of Zoi, for the first time I could not believe how three dimensional she seemed. Lots of the images are very nicely posed and lit but the subject herself who comes through the computer screen for some erotically and aesthetically gorgeous images.
    I know she has posed for ‘Mayfair’, ‘Model Directory’ and other men’s magazines so I will check those out and I intend to buy those publications over the next few days. I\m sure in advance, that those images will have the same general effect.
    I would like to be sure, though, that they will be Playboy style and not more explicit than that.


  3. Joe Carter says:

    Sometimes I feel that I spend too much time looking at beautiful women at various sites. I could justify it if I restricted myself to just Zoi/Jasmine. There are a few others that have the looks and have not denigrated themselves, but at the end of the day Zoi is the best. I know she is well known in some circles, but it is amazing that she is not even more well known. If this were the 1940’s or 50’s some studio agent would have already signed her to a contract. She is a class act and I have no doubt she will remain so. She needs a Linda Carter “Wonder Woman” role to get to that next level. Who cares if you can act or not.

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  4. harveyproctor says:

    I agree with all the above


  5. harveyproctor says:

    I just left a very admiring fan mail which disappeared. I must have done something to delete it which is frustrating


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