Playboy Style

The work below was mostly shot for “Playboy Magazine” and shows the styles that I am comfortable shooting to for the genre “glamour”.

The first image is the most recent and is shot in August 2018 as a reference for my recent look, and coincidentally is one of the few shots here not shot for actual Playboy.

ZoiNue_0135 ret small.jpg

4 Replies to “Playboy Style”

  1. Rodolfo D'Andreis says:

    You are a fantastic model. Not only shows your incredible beauty but your strong personality.

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  2. Charles says:

    Hi Zoi. Do you have a fan mail address to send a photo for an autograph?


  3. BestCathy says:

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  4. harveyproctor says:

    Dear Zoi,
    I have just found out about you and I think that you are a stunningly photogenic and charismatic woman. I hugely enjoy looking at you in the nude. Both the fact that I have been ill combined witht he lockdown greatly magnify my interest in and, even need for nude images. I love looking at you in the nude and if I buy all the ‘Mayfair’ and ‘Club International’ online copies featuring you will they feature ‘Playboy’ level poses? I just ask since that is my preferred style.
    By the way I used to love ‘Club International’ in the 90s and I used to think that Nadia Presnova (look her up if you do not know her) was the most beautiful and photogenic glamour model on Earth. In fact you are the first model I have seen to be as photogenic as she was. It is interesting that both of you are very intelligent women with professional qualifications. She went on to be a back surgeon after her modelling years!
    Peace and joy to you and your family,
    Stay safe,



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