Dreaming of Models

I posses an extensive background working as a model for model events and workshops all over the world .

That led me to decide to put on my own events but with with a twist. My philosophy is simple. I want everybody who attends one of my events, either as a paying photographer, or a model, to leave happy. My motto is to respect everybody and to do right. By treating people well I know I will offer a superior product that is driven by more than sales, I guess that’s why I have a 75% participant return rate.

My high end events are aimed at serious, already competent photographers looking to build their portfolios and have some fun at the same time as socialising with other people with similar interests.

I provide a very high attention to detail and planning, so full professional production type assessments are taken out prior to the event.

The themed events are suited for photographers who wish to shoot fashion, fantasy, boudoir and artistic nude style photography.

Shooting the Sirens in Crete


Once or twice per year, in May and October, I host the Sirens of Crete event in West Crete.

This event is really the crème de la crème of photo events. It is fully inclusive so everything is taken care of from your arrival at Chania airport.  We have three or four models, two drivers/assistants one of which will be a professional photographer and a cook. Accommodation is in a lovely waterfront hotel. I source unique styling items and prepare mood boards and we work in eight different locations over the course of four days. It is open to only six photographers who work in three pairs (one shooter one assistant). The models styling and locations change every event.

There is normally an additional event afterwards where you get the chance to work directly with the models in a smaller group.

Backstage Video event SS18 by Anahi Clemens
                                                                  Selection of images from SS18 event

Sunset Beach Events in The Netherlands

Once per year, normally in July, I host a small “get together” portfolio builder event on a sandy beach in the Netherlands open to eight photographers and four models.  Each year has a different theme and always a lot of fun. At the end of the event we have a sit down meal together.


                               Results from event July ’18 by photographer Chris Soux

Ladies of the Castle events:

Also a couple of times per year, I book three or four models in an extravagant location, normally in Belgium, and dress them in  opulent attire  suited to the venue, you will be treated to fine cuisine and a glass of bubbly (prepared by myself). These are full day events and open to six to eight photographers, working in four pairs. Sometimes these events can last for a full weekend and include accommodation.

Behind the scenes of a Ladies on the Castle event on 2020 shot by Anahi Clemens

                                        Selection of Participant images from September 17’event


I normally join in as one of the models at my events, but not always.

I would like to stress, these events are not of an educational manner (although I am happy to share my knowledge with you if asked)  and I do not  lighting set ups past available light tools (Sunbouce reflectors, LEDs).

Events tend to sell out quickly. To be added to my mailing list please email dreamingofmodels@gmail.com with your name, location and MAILING LIST in the title. Please put a link to your photography work in the email body.

behind the scenes video by Anahi Clemens from a trip to Seville

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