Working Ethics

Some things that you may want to know about me before we work together,

elephant Intervet Nobivac021

Working Ethics

I may refuse to do a pose or wear an item if I feel it is “tacky” or “derogatory”.  I may not pose with real fur (faux is fine), live plucked feathers, weapons, drugs or cigarettes.  As you an see above , I love animals as well as my fellow humans, I would never promote harming another creature on any of my shoots.

Health, Safety and Welfare

Before I was a model I was a civil engineer. I used to conduct many risk assessments as part of that job. I expect people who book me to have taken the same considerations prior to booking me to ensure that my health and welfare is protected.

I have been put into dangerous and harmful situations in the past that have resulted in permanent  scarring and illness.

Please be aware that I may refuse to enter a location or do a pose if I think it could damage my health (i.e. old location with asbestos or broken glass). I will strive to push myself to achieve the best, but I wont kill myself in the process. If you think the location may be dangerous, please inform me and I will be happy to help mitigate.

Also, please consider that I require food and drink during a longer shoot. If the shoot is somewhere cold, a warm drink is preferential as is a warm place to heat up between sets.  Ill be honest, and admit that I am not so good at posing in cold locations and if you want me to shoot in a place that may be particularly cold please discuss it with me beforehand so we can see what arrangements can be made. Modelling tends to burn up many calories. In my case If I don’t eat regularly, I get shaky and grumpy and cannot put the same energy into my work as I could otherwise.

Oh, and cake tend to make me very, very happy.

Working Hours

My working hours are calculated from when I arrive at the location, to when I leave. If there are multiple locations the transfer times between the locations are included in this time.

Short breaks for fixing makeup, changing clothes, refreshment, food, using the toilet and heating up if necessary are included in the booking time. I don’t eat meat.

If the shoot is particularly physically strenuous (ie fine art nude posing, jumping poses etc) then I will be required to take breaks between sets.

If the shoot runs over the agreed finish time, I will charge over time in units of 30 minutes based on the following  formula:  agreed booking rate/(original number of working hours x2)

Make up time, whether done by a makeup artist or myself,  is included in the booking time. I can do my own make up reasonably well, but by no means am a professional make up artist. When I do my own make up please allow 20-30 minutes.

My full day is based on eight hours from arrival at location to leaving and my half day is based on four hours from arrival at location until leaving.

Cancellation and Deposit Policy

I always prefer to reschedule than to cancel, however;

Cancellations within 4 weeks when out of my home country are subject to 50% cancellation fee, and within 7 days are subject to 100% cancellation fee.

Cancellations within one week for bookings in the Netherlands are subject to a 50% cancellation fee, and within 48 hours are subject to a 100% cancellation fee.

I reserve the right to request an amount in advance as a deposit or toward transport costs

Shooting Etiquette

During the shoot, especially if it is a shoot involving nudity, if a strand of hair or item of clothing is out of place,  or you wish me to move a hand or arm, I much prefer for you to ask me to move it myself and not touch me unless it is absolutely necessary. If you do have to touch me, please ask first.

I don’t like large audiences when I shoot, It distracts me from posing and I find it difficult to do my job well. I am very confident, but I am not an exhibitionist.  I don’t like people apart from creative’s taking images of me on their mobile phones.

I am happily married and not looking for a relationship or otherwise.


If you require for me to sign any sort of contract, please discuss it with me before the shoot, and send it to me so for consideration in ample time before the photo shoot.

By confirming a shoot with me, you agree to these conditions.

Now with all the nasty stuff out of the way, I look forward to working with you!!!!